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Welcome to Shipping Containers Townsville! We provide high-quality shipping container shelters that offer secure storage and protection from the elements. Our customizable shelters are designed to be long-term storage solutions that can fit in any space. With our shelters, you can keep your valuable belongings safe from extreme weather conditions and potential theft.

Versatile and Customizable Shelters

We have a wide range of shipping container shelters available in various sizes and styles to suit different needs. These containers are easy to transport and can be quickly assembled on-site, making them a convenient storage solution.

Benefits of Container Shelter Design

Our shelters are made from shipping containers that have been upcycled. They are designed to be strong and durable, with materials that can withstand different weather conditions and prevent theft. You can also choose to add features such as lockable doors, windows, insulation, and air conditioning to make the shelter suitable for your needs.

The Perfect Shelter Solution

Our container shelters offer maximum protection for storing industrial machinery, farm commodities, vehicles, or other valuable items. You can also customize these shelters with electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, insulation liners, and interior dividers to suit your needs.

Convenience and Strength in One Package

Constructed from high-grade steel, our container shelters are designed to withstand the elements and provide superior protection. They are a great option for outdoor storage and are more affordable than constructing traditional buildings. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes them ideal for temporary storage or transportation. Visualize having one in your own backyard!

Standalone Shelters for Every Need

Our specialty shipping container shelters can be used for large worksites, farmsteads, or estates. They are very strong, weather-resistant, and can be easily installed on walls or posts, giving you the flexibility to customize them to your specific needs.

Range of Shelters Available

We have a variety of high-quality shipping container shelters to choose from, that come in different sizes and can be customized according to your needs. Our standard units are designed to withstand winds of up to 152 km/h so your stored goods will remain safe and secure even in harsh weather conditions. However, if you require additional protection, we also offer higher wind-rated shelters that can resist winds of up to 316 km/h. Our products are made to comply with Australian Standards and come with a 5-10 year warranty to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Get a Quote Today

If you want more information about our shipping container shelters or want to know how much they cost, visit our website and fill out the quote form. Alternatively, you can call us at 07 4448 3633 and speak with our specialists who will help you find the right shelter for your needs. Don’t delay – keep your belongings safe and shielded from the weather with Shipping Containers Townsville!

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